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Registration on: 06/18/2010

Category: Art and Culture / Movies

Information and distribution of media works by artists

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vtape the source for video aaa new media vtape is canadaaaas leading artistoruna notoforoprofit distributor of video arti featuring more than 1a000 artists and over 5a000 titlesa vtapeaaas diverse collection includes works from the early 1970s to theaapresenti aaa curatorial incubator vi11u an architecture of performance curatorial incubator vi11 concludes with neal macinnes program an architecture of performance a an exploration of the idea that the structures surrounding us might be haunted with power and capable of exercising iti? &oplusa savacaaas monitor mediatheque at vtape partnering with savaca vtape hosts the monitor mediatheque where the previous 9 editions of the annual event can be viewed on demandi this project coincides with monitoris tenth anniversary and the newly…

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